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Maggy’s All-purpose Spice 
Rub 2.5oz

Use for marinate on beef, chicken or pork. Convenient tin—sprinkle or pour

Maggy’s Cornbread Mix
Add milk, eggs, and oil to mix. Personalize cornbread. By adding ½ cup roasted corn kernels and/or 2 roasted and chopped jalapeños and substitute milk with buttermilk. No matter which way you make this, this is a delish bread. $2.99

Maggy’s Festival Mix
Light and delicious. Simply add water, rest for 15-20 minutes, shape and fry. $2.50
Maggy’s MMM Hot Cocoa Mix
Warm up with this deliciously spiced hot beverage. With marshmallows and chopped chocolate. Add 8oz water to 2 tablespoons of mix. Stir and enjoy! $4.99 with cup $7.95
Orange Extract: $8.00
Lemon Extract: $8.00
Coconut Honey Lime: $8.00
Mango Madness: $10.00
Pure Vanilla: $12.00

Berbere Spice Rub 2.5oz
A popular spice in parts of Africa for roasted or grilled meats and vegetables
Spice Rub
Bottled Sorrel
750mL $12
Infused EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
add to roasted vegetables, dips, salad dressing, etc. Flavours: garlic; garlic, basil, rosemary; garlic rosemary; Italian; lemon garlic 125ml $7.95
1 $3 each; 6 $15; 12 $20
Jamaican Drops
These traditional Caribbean treats make gift giving simple and also makes great party favours $2.25 each

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