[jellythemes_content]We love food just as much as you do. That’s why we’ve been catering since 1999. We’re located in Mississauga, Ontario.[/jellythemes_content]
[jellythemes_title type=”heading font-smoothing”]Senses Catering[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content class=”text”]Senses Catering Services specializes in sweet-tables and cakes. We feature an array of delicious cakes, pastries, and cookies. Our menu items also features hot dishes that include N. American, Asian, and West Indian style cuisine. All our products are made to order. Our products are made with fresh ingredients.[/jellythemes_content][jellythemes_separator]
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[jellythemes_title type=”heading font-smoothing”]Catering Services[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content class=”text”]Catering services for all of life events: from office parties, get-togethers, birthdays, intimate dinner parties and life’s celebrations Senses Catering Services can assist you in planning your menu.[/jellythemes_content]
[jellythemes_title type=”heading font-smoothing”]Chef at Home[/jellythemes_title][jellythemes_content class=”text”]In home service available for small intimate dinner or dinner party. You provide the site and we will prepare the meal from your kitchen and if you so choose serve you and/or your guests.[/jellythemes_content]
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