Cakes & Pastries

Senses Catering Services specializes in sweet tables and cakes. We feature an array of freshly baked breads, cakes, pastries, and cookies. Please note that we are not a nut free environment.

Our products are made with fresh ingredients and made to order.

Soft cakes Chocolate, Vanilla, pound, chiffon, coconut, red velvet cakes

8 inch $25

10 inch $36

Cheesecakes (topped with fruit, fruit coulis, ganache)

6 inch $25

8 inch $35

10 inch $45

Asian style “cottony” cheesecake available and Buko pandan also available.

Mousse Cake

8 inch $40

10 inch $45

Buko pandan available

Sponge Cakes—vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, pandan, name your flavour

6 inch $25; 8 inch $30; 10 inch $42; 12 inch $52; 14 inch $65

Masked in Chantilly cream, and/or whipped topping; decorated with chocolate, ganache, and/or fruit


12 x 18 inches starting at $75


Minimum order 18—$2.50 each (basic decorations) Novelty cupcakes additional charge apply

Toppings: buttercream, Chantilly cream, fondant, fruit coulis/puree, ganache, whipped topping

Types of Buttercream

Berries: blueberry, mixed berry, raspberry, strawberry

Tropical Fruit: mango madness, lemon lime, orange, coco for coconut, mango pineapple

Traditional Flavours: champagne, Baileys, caramel, chocolate, chocolate mint, mint, mint chip, maple, peanut butter and jelly, coffee, banana

Unique Flavours: lavender, Jamaican rum, rose, chocolate malt, chocolate
balsamic, banana, mango pineapple, coconut honey lime, basil coconut lemon, lemon lime, pandan, coffee cinnamon clove,  honey ginger mint, maple bacon, warm spices, peanut butter, brown butter

*Name your flavour—please call and inquire if you do not see what you want*